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Social Media at Work

Social Media at Work

Do you use social media at work? Of course you do. It is now commonplace to see people engrossed in their phones at restaurants, in stores and in public in general. This trend has extended into the workplace as the urge to check social media has spurred 78 percent of employees to browse Facebook, Twitter and other outlets while at work, according to a Tell It NowSM poll conducted by ComPsych Corporation. ComPsych asked 1,200 respondents from a number of companies about their social media habits at work, and found that 88% said they check social media at least once a day (presumably the remaining 12% were lying).

Within this group, the majority (60%) said they check social media one to five times per day while at work, 10% said they check it six to ten times per day, and 18% admitted to checking it more than ten times per day.

It’s not surprising that employees consider the ability to check social media at least occasionally a basic quality of life issue for their workplace, and most (reasonable) bosses have made concessions to that end, but the fact remains that excessive social media use can have negative impacts on productivity, which may spill over to other areas of their lives, according to ComPsych. Source: MediaPost | ComPsych

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