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Building Your Brand Online

Business Owner

When you're trying to start your small business, one of the first things you need to establish is your online brand. You can't just create a website and expect people to find you. So where do you start?

Start a Blog Blogging continues to be a powerful tool in expanding your brand online. It helps build credibility, develops you as subject matter expert in your field and gains exposure for your brand online. It also helps your search engine rankings!

Create Content

Now that you have a presence online, how are you going to drive traffic to your website and get potential customers to engage with your brand? Think about how your brand is going to help your customer. What questions are they asking? What answers can you provide? Pick a theme and generate content around it. You're not writing or developing visual content for the sake of having content. You're writing to help benefit your customer.

Develop a Social Strategy

You have the blog and you're starting to develop amazing content, but now what? Now you need to share it. Choosing the right social media platform that fits your business is key. You'll need to understand where your customer demographic engages the most. Younger audiences are on Instagram and Snapchat. Older audiences are on Facebook and Twitter. Choose the right content to share on the right platform to get people to engage with your brand.

Send Emails

When you've established a consistent flow of traffic to your website, it is time to start capturing customer information and turn them into subscribers. Once you're able to capture their names and email addresses, you'll be able to start emailing your offers directly to people who are directly interested in your business. Over time, this will continue to grow and hopefully lead to higher brand engagement and sales.

If you're interested in developing your online brand, or enhancing your current digital channels, feel free to contact me.

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