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Search is Changing

Search engine marketing

Remember when all you had to worry about was getting the right meta tags on your website for search engines to find you? Search is changing.

Online users today live in a multimedia world. They expect to interact with video, images and audio. This translates into having to consider these mediums when developing your future search strategy.

Take for example the new Google Lens. It will soon allow people to search for information on anything by pointing their phone camera at it. In order to do this, brand will need to consider visual search.

An example of this would be from online retailer, Wayfair. They created their own visual search engine for consumers to search for its products across desktop, iOS or Android.

Another way people are searching is through Voice Search. The more Alexa, Google Home and HomePod are used in everyone home interactions, the more voice search will improve. According to comScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.

As your planning your search strategy, be sure you're looking beyond text and including visual and voice elements.

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