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Social Media for Brand Awareness

Social Media Apps

The constantly increasing popularity of social media is undeniable—71% of consumers are likely to purchase a product based on social media referrals. Acknowledging social media’s popularity is one thing, but knowing exactly how to interpret the data generated from your campaigns will uncover how you can revolutionize your social media marketing to generate more conversions, promote engagement and ultimately, increase sales.

Social Listening Social listening enables you to evaluate online organic conversations across social media and the web, this can be used to determine which social strategies are/are not working and whether more need to be created.

For example, if your business has a Facebook page, one essential metric to track is how your page likes have altered before and after launching a Facebook ad. A growth in page likes would signify the success rate of the campaign and therefore an increase in brand awareness – more likes equals stronger brand engagement. However, if these figures don’t achieve the desired volume of engagement or conversions, then you can work towards redesigning your ads.

A gradual increase in page likes over time would mean that your business is connecting with the correct audience, promoting your social media and sustaining your audience’s interest. Facebook Insights allows you to collate metrics on how many people are viewing your posts and how many organic or paid likes you have obtained within a specific date range.

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