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Clear History Tool Coming to Facebook

Facebook Logo

More change is coming to the advertising world! Facebook recently advised advertisers that a “clear history” tool will start affecting them in the second half of 2019. Facebook announced this during their latest quarterly call with Wall Street analysts. David Wehner, Facebook's CFO, said Europe's data rules have led to more people opting out of online tracking, which could be an indication of what's to come in the U.S.

"The number of people who have opted out of using context from the apps and Web Sites they visit for ad targeting has continued to increase since the adoption of GDPR, so we've seen that come up both in Europe and around the world," Wehner said. "That means those people are seeing new less relevant ads, and that's an ad targeting headwind for our business."

So what do all these changes mean for advertisers who use Facebook as a primary ad platform? You'll need to start coming up with new strategies to reach consumers with social ads, because the current methods will not have the ability to be relevant and targeted based on Facebook interest, actions, etc.


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