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Digital Assistant Usage

Using digital assistant.

In a recent study, based on behavioral data gathered from 20,000 consumers conducted by Verto Analytics, overall digital assistant usage continues to increase as more people become comfortable with them.

Take a look at the number of monthly users of digital assistant apps:

  • Apple Siri: 41 million

  • Samsung S Voice: 23 million

  • Google Text-to-Speech: 20 million

  • Google Home: 5 million

  • Amazon Alexa: 3 million

  • Google Allo: 1 million

  • Microsoft Cortana: 1 million

Additionally, the data shows that 44% of all smartphones in the U.S. (with adults 18+) had a digital assistant app that was used at least once in May 2017.

Current usage of digital assistants is still small compared overall, but the more digital assistances become commonplace, the more we will see them become a daily part of our lives at home and at work.

We are fast approaching living in a world similar to Star Trek. Just walk into a room and say, "Hey, Siri. Set lights to 75%, turn on Channel 5 and set the temperature to 72 degrees."


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