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Facebook Reduces Low-Quality Content

I'm sure it has happened to you. You click on a random Top-10 list posting within Facebook and you're taken to a site that has so many ads and pop-ups you can barely get through the content.

Facebook considers those sort of websites to be low-quality content by the ad to content ratio. Of course the main reason those sites exist is to drive ad impressions and make money for the publisher. However, you can also be subjected to ads that are malicious, shocking and disruptive (i.e. pop-ups/screen takeovers).

Facebook has said that it will be deploying artificial intelligence to weed out low-quality content and focus on displaying content that is relevant and provides a better user experience. Can't say I blame them. I personally find all of those kind of sites very annoying.

Knowing that, I guess we'll see less of those listicles with an insane amount of ads.


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