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Millennials Favor Smartphones, TV-Connected Devices

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Millennials' weekly smartphone consumption is nearing their traditional TV usage at levels much higher than the average adult.

In a recent report on fourth-quarter millennials' usage, Nielsen says young media consumers 18-34 spend 17 hours and 49 minutes a week (17:49) using their smartphones, near traditional weekly TV levels -- 19:18 hours/minutes a week.

This compares with smartphone usage for all adults at 13:02 hours/minutes per week and 34:32 hours/minutes of traditional TV usage.

But while millennials' traditional TV usage is the lowest among all age groups, they also rank highest when it comes to TV-connected devices: 7:16 hours/minutes. TV-connected devices use (DVR, game console, DVD, multimedia device) is at 4:38 hours/minutes for 35-and 2:11 for those 50+. Read More

Source: MediaPost


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