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Reporting Fake News on Facebook

Finally! Now you can easily report articles posted on Facebook that come across as fake news. You may not know this, but there is an incentive for all those fake news postings being distributed on Facebook: Money. As Facebook's Adam Mosseri, VP, News Feed notes, "When it comes to fighting false news, one of the most effective approaches is removing the economic incentives for traffickers of misinformation. We’ve found that a lot of fake news is financially motivated. These spammers make money by masquerading as legitimate news publishers and posting hoaxes that get people to visit their sites, which are often mostly ads."

To report fake news, follow these steps:

  • Press ​​the down arrow next to the content post you'd like to mark as false

  • Select "Report post"

  • Select "It's a false news story"

  • Select "Mark this post as false news"

Reporting Fake News on Facebook

Be sure to take a look at all of Facebook's tips on spotting fake news.

Source: Facebook


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