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The Mobile Era Matures

Mobile App User

With the introduction of the smartphone, mobile usage has grown year-over-year. With that, we’ve also seen an explosion in overall digital media usage. According to a recent comScore report, the mobile growth rate seems to be in its latter stages of a growth cycle. This is making way for more of a cross-platform experience. People are starting something on a mobile device and then finishing it either on a desktop or at a point-of-sale (or vice-versa).

Consider the following from comScore:

  • Smartphone adoption, which in past years had grown in penetration by anywhere from 5-10%, ticked up just two percentage points in 2016.

  • The average person spend 2 hours, 51 minutes per day on their mobile device.

comScore Chart - Lear more at

  • Mobile audience growth among the top digital media properties has stopped growing at double-digit rates year-over-year.

comScore Chart - Learn more at

Head on over to comScore for more additional insights. Source: comScore

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