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Tips for Creating Social Ads

Creating Social Ads

When marketing your small business, it is beneficial to advertise on social media channels. Social ads tend to have significant return of investment. According to a Direct Marketing Association benchmark study, social media ads garner a median ROI of 15-17%, on par with direct mail campaigns.

Here are a few tips to consider when developing social ads:

1. Create more than one version of the ad. This allows you to test and see which version resonates with your target audience. Try switching out the messaging, the image or the call-to-action. When you mix-and-match, you'll figure out which variation performs best.

2. Create a landing page to match your social ad. Developing a custom landing page that continues the conversation of your ad helps create consistency in your messaging. If you're advertising a single service or product, be sure your landing page is specific to that service or product. Linking someone to a page that isn't related to your ad will cause them to abandon and move on.

3. Keep mobile in mind. With close to 80% of people engaging with social media on their mobile devices, you'll want to be sure to choose imagery that will easily be viewed in that environment.

4. Keep it simple. I have always been a big proponent of keeping messaging simple and too the point. You have between 1-3 seconds to get your message across while people are scrolling through their feeds. If you grab their attention with your social ad, make them want to engage with it. Be direct in how you can benefit their needs.

If you're interested in talking about your social media marketing, feel free to contact me.


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