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Voice Assistant Integration in 2018

Google Home

The 2017 holiday shopping season saw Google Home and Amazon's Alexa drop their prices to help get more of their devices in consumers homes. With that in mind, marketers will need to consider how they will interface with these devices - especially as consumers become more comfortable asking a voice assistant for anything they'd normally just search for on a search engine. According to Google, 20% of their mobile searches are through voice. As a marketer, we'll need to consider creating new content that activates upon these searches. For example, if someone ask Google for the closest place to get a sandwich, have your brand offer a coupon incentive based upon how many feet away you are from a location to help drive the conversion. We're just at the tip of the iceberg with this new genre or digital marketing. It will be exciting to see how brands begin integration to support voice assistants in 2018.

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