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What's New With Facebook?

Facebook on a Laptop

As everyone knows, Facebook is the main social network connecting almost 2 billion people throughout the world. Since it is one of the largest social networks, it keeps providing us with new and exciting features. Here are the newest features you need to try:

1. Facebook 360 App: With the success of Live 360 and 360 images, Facebook is now focusing on bring Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to users of Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. This sets the stage for more than 2 billion Facebook users to engage in VR content.

2. Workplace by Facebook: Think of this as an internal social network and virtual office for your company. Similar to regular Facebook, this can be set up strictly for your own company. It provides spaces for groups, chat, live video conferencing and more. Great for collaborating across time zones too!

3. Facebook Live 2.0: Of course you can go live anytime on your mobile device, but now Facebook allows you to download software to broadcast directly from your desktop or laptop.

4. Group Video Chat: This feature is built right into the Messenger App and allows you to have up to 50 people join a group chat!


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